Curriculum Vitae

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Kate ‘hit the ground running’ and displayed an enthusiasm, professionalism and fearlessness that was commendable. Kate has a gift for gentle assertion – politely but firmly progressing projects. I have been impressed with her professionalism, her dynamism and the way that she has harnessed diverse colleagues and initiatives and driven these forward.
– James Derounian, Principal Lecturer in Community Development and Local Governance, University of Gloucestershire

Hello, potential employer!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am a highly driven, creative and flexible human with a can-do attitude, ready to turn my hand to a wide variety of tasks.

My work history is broad but I have consistently achieved high standards, happily taken on responsibilities and managed complex projects with confidence, good humour, professionalism, reliability and passion.

As a researcher, my academic achievements speak for themselves: a first in Sociology, a published piece awarded Best Paper in the World Sustainability Series, and a fully funded PhD with Horizon Centre of Doctoral Training at the University of Nottingham. As well as working in a University context, I have also worked with corporate research organisations.

Although I am secure in my abilities to work independently, I see myself as an effective and efficient team player. Whilst being happy to volunteer my ideas, I believe that as a naturally vocal person I must be ready to facilitate so others can be heard, and harness my confidence to inspire others to realise their potential. My time volunteering as a Listener with the Samaritans organisation helped refine this skill. The 10 week course focused on training candidates to be attentive, empathetic and non-judgmental listeners, the experience of which had a lasting impact upon me.

I have a high level of computer literacy and competency with all Microsoft Software and some experience with the Apple Mac interface. Thanks to my Media training at A-Level I am comfortable doing basic video editing and am able to turn my hand small video and audio projects. I also have considerable understanding of the newer realms of social media and the risks and benefits that accompany them: my first year at Horizon delivered modules focused on understanding the Digital Economy. I also received basic training in coding with a focus on Python.

I look forward to working with you.

Kate is an approachable, down-to-earth communicator which has allowed her to engage effectively with both students and staff. Kate’s strategic approach to project management has meant that she is leaving the project with her staff team well on track to achieve the project targets. Ultimately, Kate is a pleasure to work with. – Emily Thompson-Bell, Students’ Green Fund Programme Manager, NUS


2004-2007: Prince Henry’s High School, 10 GCSEs including English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), History (A*), Theatre Studies (A*) and Mathematics (B).

2007-2009: Stratford Upon Avon College, attaining A2 Levels in Psychology (A*), Media (B) and Performance (C).
2009-2010: Prince Henry’s High School Sixth Form, achieving an A2-Level in Politics (A*) and General Studies (A*) and an AS Level in Philosophy (A*).

2010-2013: The University of Warwick, achieving a first class degree in Sociology

2015- present: The University of Nottingham, PhD in Medical Sociology

Work Experience

11188250_10206946741170866_6366321708722814385_n (1)
just a regular day at the office

September 2015-present: The University of Nottingham- Research and Teaching            

Full time: Managing a 100,000 word original research project around healthcare and digital technology in marginalised populations. Seasonal teaching of undergraduate students in classes of ~30.
Skills: ICT, communication of complex ideas, time management, literacy, project management, qualitative research methods, stakeholder management, sensitivity to equality and diversity.

September 2014- June 2015: The University of Gloucestershire SU- Green Fund Project Manager
Full time: Responsible for delivering a 5-stranded, £280,000, “Greener Gloucestershire” project as part of the NUS Students’ Green Fund. Managing a team of 6, plus student interns.
Skills: Copywriting, budgeting, collaboration with business, social media management, human resources, customer engagement, broadening customer base, environmental advocacy, report writing, project management.

May-August 2009-2015: Manager, ‘Weirdigans Organic Travelling Café’
Seasonal, Full Time: Managed a workforce of three people, oversaw and conducted the preparation and distribution of food and drink during music festivals throughout the UK.
Skills: Money handling, health and safety, staff welfare, maintaining high standards of hygiene in challenging environments, collaboration.

September 2012: Research Assistant, Agriculture Department, Campden BRI
Processed and coded data from the reports of various farming organisations, such as LEAF and Rainforest Alliance, into Microsoft Excel for a now published compendium on ‘Good Agricultural Practice and Environmental Welfare’. Assisted practically in agricultural field trials.
Skills: research, data processing, data entry, excel

June 2011: Hostel Manager, Hebden Bridge Hostel
Responsible for the day to day running of a 33 bed hostel, including reception duties, money handling, safety protocol, and guest hospitality
Skills: Customer engagement, complaint resolution, scheduling, call handling, improving customer experience

For a work history that dates further back than 2011, please just ask.

Voluntary/Other Experience

using waste food to create free, tasty meals

Campaigns Coordinator/President – Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (2012-2013)

Ran campaigns for the University anti-sexism society. This included raising money for V-Day and Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre through a production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’. As director of the production, I was heavily involved in all aspects including producing and distributing publicity, excellent time management, liaising with venues, and human resource organization. The production raised £1278 for the charities

Founding Member / Volunteer- Leamington Community Kitchen (2012-2013)
Set up and assisted the running of cafe at Bath Place Community Centre that cooked out-of-date but edible food (which would have otherwise been wasted) into free, healthy vegetarian meals every Sunday. Responsible for persuading businesses to take part in the scheme as well as collecting food and cooking.

Founding Member/ Volunteer – Warwick Food Coop (2013)
Helped to set up a cooperative selling wholefoods and organic/sustainable basics to students on campus.

Coordinator – People and Planet Society (2012)
Involved in campaigns and events such as an ethical careers fair guide, an anti-sweat shop campaign, ‘Go-Green Week’: People and Planet’s annual week of action on climate change. Responsible for regular communications to the membership.

‘Listener’, Samaritans Organisation (2009-2010)
Part Time, Volunteer: Completed a ten week course in Samaritans listening techniques (initial training), and independently operated the phone and email service, for people experiencing deep distress, in a volunteer role for 4 months.

Video Editing Examples

Audience Reactions- Vagina Monologues
Produced to draw crowds for the second performance. Completely my own work.

Save the Date
A stop-motion animation to invite people to my own wedding! Completely my own work.